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Irish Tray Supplies

Irish Tray Supplies provide a wide selection of food packaging products that are designed to meet our customers’ requirements and needs. We supply bespoke trays to suit our customers’ specific requirements as well as an extensive range of standard trays and containers.

Our product range caters for all types of food including meat, poultry, fish, fresh produce, eggs, mushrooms, and prepared foods. All packaging products are manufactured with our associated partners in China which allows Irish Tray Supplies to manufacture high quality products at very low prices.

Irish Tray Supplies produce the highest quality bespoke trays which can be designed to your current machine specifications more efficiently and cheaper than our competitors. European Tray manufacturers charge €10,000 for a dye footprint origination; however, here at Irish Tray Supplies we charge a fee of just €1,000.

In addition to our trays we supply barrier forming films in a range of widths and gauges. We are associated with the largest Barrier Forming producer in the world and can ensure savings of up to 25 – 30 % to your current cost base.

Irish Tray Supplies team is committed to ensuring that we provide our customers with the highest quality of service and that all their packaging needs are satisfied. We continue to secure eco friendly recycling packaging which we feel is paramount to both to yours and our competitiveness.

Irish Tray Supplies Product Range

  Food tray   Food Container   Cup and Bowl  
  Food Tray   Food Container   Cup and Bowl  
  Other Trays   Egg Trays   Barrier forming film  
  Other Trays   Egg Trays   Barrier Forming Film  



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